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Simplifying Things . . .

Boutique law firm focused on full scale legal services for your everyday business and private matters.  

Passion for delivering advanced
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We are creative, business minded and have an extensive experience gained working on Czech and international major deals. Together with prime tax counsels, we deliver outstanding solutions beyond the business needs of the client.

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Business based on people

Clients are not provided with a service, but a set of specific knowledge and skills of our people. We are a closed team of specialists that are more than fully dedicated to our clients.

Mgr. Jan Krabec, LL.M.


Mgr. Jan Novotný, LL.M.


Robert Elefant

Partner Tax

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Mgr. Antonín Vácha

Senior Associate

Mgr. Vojtěch Schlehofer

Senior Associate

Mgr. Adam Polánský

Senior Associate

Mgr. Marek Šuda


JUDr. Ivana Novakovská


Mgr. Martin Matějka


Mgr. Vojtěch Schwarz


Mgr. Kamila Straková


Markéta Chytilová

Legal Assistant

Lenka Pouzot

Office Manager

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beyond the business needs of the client

M&A / Corporate

Our highly experienced team is focused to provide you with all necessary services related to any stage of transaction.

We are ready to provide you with our services in most effective way (ready to prepare “out of the box” solutions). We regularly assist on both domestic and cross-border deals. Our services include in particular:

  • designing of the transaction structure
  • drafting and revising of the transaction documentation
  • preparation of data room
  • conducting of buyer’s / vendor’s due diligence
  • negotiating the terms of the deal or provide you with our assistance during the negotiation
  • remedying due diligence findings
  • designing most suitable corporate structure
  • incorporating of companies
  • preparing articles of association reflecting your needs
  • managing a common corporate agenda 

Venture Capital

We are ready to provide you with our services based on rich experience in all of the start-up areas, regardless of whether you are founder, angel investor, investor, etc. or regardless of stage of your business, especially:

  • establishing of the company
  • creating of the company structure
  • covering relationships between shareholders
  • ISA and SHA
  • protecting of know-how and intellectual property of your start-up
  • modern methods of managing of the company
  • setting up of ESOP (for employees and other collaborators)
  • legal assistance with further financing of the company and negotiations with the investors

Contractual Law

We provide our clients with the assistance in wide range of day-to-day business matters, always trying to provide our clients with the fastest and simplest possible solutions to support its business activities. We regularly provide our clients with assistance in its business activities with an international element. Our services cover in particular:

  • drafting of purchase agreements (including framework agreements)
  • negotiating the terms of the deal
  • designing a business model
  • contracts for work
  • loan agreements, facility agreements, guarantee agreements and other security instruments
  • franchising documentation
  • general terms and conditions


Our lawyers are highly experienced in areas of IT Law and IoT technology. We provide our services to a wide range of clients (e.g. the largest IT companies, startups, venture capital funds, online projects, universities, individuals, etc.). With our unique know-how we are able to provide our clients with legal assistance in various areas, especially:

  • drafting of agreements covering software development
  • preparing of agreements for graphic designers
  • SaaS and SLAs
  • legal management of ICT projects

IP Law

We also provide our clients with legal services in the field of intellectual property. Our clients are especially technological companies (IT developers, software providers, gaming studios), film studios, architectural studios, medical companies, etc. We most often provide the following services to our clients in this field:

  • enforcement of IP rights
  • representation before ÚPV (CIPO), EUIPO, WIPO
  • providing legal services related to trademarks, utility models, industrial models, patents
  • license agreements
  • contracts related to film and music industry
  • complex IP due diligence

Data Protection

We advise our clients in all areas related to the processing of personal data, including setting up internal rules and processes in accordance with the most recent requirements of applicable legislation. At the same time, we represent our clients in this context before public authorities as well as administrative courts. Our services in this area include in particular:

  • preparation and review of contractual and other internal documentation relating to the processing of personal data
  • review of relationships with processors and other personal data controllers
  • representation in proceedings before the Office for Personal Data Protection

Real Estate and Construction Law

We provide our clients with comprehensive legal support in the field of real estate. We have experience to represent our clients in asset deals as well as share deals covering complex transactions. We also have a deep knowledge of construction law. Our services in this area include in particular:

  • drafting of transaction documents
  • real estate due diligence
  • preparing and reviewing of lease agreements
  • drafting and negotiating of any contracts related to the construction and real estate
  • preparing of pledge agreements, establishment of easements and other rights in rem
  • representation before public authorities


Medical Law

We have extensive experience in providing services in the field of medical and pharmaceutical law. Our clients include global manufacturers and distributors of medical devices, medical clinics and technology companies developing technical devices for the treatment of various diseases.

We have helped clients to establish and develop their businesses not only in the Czech Republic, but also in the European Union and the United States.

We are able to provide our clients with a legal assistance in various areas, especially in:

  • preparation of general terms and conditions, setting up relations with suppliers and customers
  • representation in administrative proceedings with the State Institute for Drug Control and other administrative authorities
  • legal advice on distribution and redistribution of medicines
  • representation and support in the processing of authorizations for the provision of medical services
  • negotiating and drafting of framework purchase agreements

Labor Law

One of our further specializations is labor law. Within this area, we provide comprehensive legal advice, particularly in the form of drafting documents, expert opinions, representation before courts and administrative authorities.

In this area, we provide our legal services on the employer’s side mainly to Czech entrepreneurs and companies, global corporations and Czech state organizations, and on the employee’s side mostly to specialized professions and top managers.

In the area of labor law, we mainly provide the following services:

  • drafting and/or reviewing management, employment and other contracts
  • drafting, amending or reviewing employment regulations and other internal rules
  • remuneration of employees
  • ensuring and applying the principle of equal opportunities and non-discrimination
  • advising on redundancies, including negotiating, and avoiding litigation
  • design and preparation of employee remuneration schemes (in particular options to purchase either real or virtual shares and stocks)
  • representing employers or employees in labor disputes and administrative proceedings
  • advising on the transfer of rights and obligations arising from employment relationships
  • advice on non-competition in employment relations
  • collective agreements, negotiations and communication with trade unions
  • HR audits

Energy and Natural Resource

Not only due to the exceptional structure of our clients, our team has extensive experience in the legal regulation of the energy sector as well as the extraction and processing of natural resources. We are thus able to provide our clients with comprehensive advice, particularly in the following areas:

  • representation in all proceedings before public authorities
  • legal support for energy production and distribution, including renewable energy
  • legal support in the extraction and processing of natural resources

Administrative Law

We provide our clients with comprehensive legal advice in the field of administrative law and at the same time represent them before public bodies as well as before administrative courts at all stages of proceedings. We thus provide our clients with a legal support in variety of areas, particularly in:

  • representing before public authorities
  • representing before administrative courts
  • analysis and advice in various sectors subject to administrative regulation

Sports Law

Sports law is one of our firm's specific and at the same time rather unique specializations on the Czech market. Members of our team have been and are involved in providing legal services and representing athletes in various areas related to sports activities - from drafting various types of contracts in the field of sports law to representing athletes before international sports tribunals. Our services in this area include in particular:

  • legal support and representation in judicial and extrajudicial proceedings
  • preparation and negotiation of contracts related to the performance of sporting activities
  • preparation and negotiation of marketing and/or sponsorship contracts

Dispute Resolutions

Thanks to our extensive experience in various sectors of legal regulation, we provide our clients with a high level of expertise, which we are able to use to the full extent in the preparation and construction of litigation strategy in all phases of litigation, both before general courts, arbitration courts and other specialized institutions or bodies for out-of-court dispute resolution (e.g. financial arbitrator, Czech Trade Inspection, mediators). As part of these services, we provide our clients with:

  • legal support in assessing legal claims and the likely success rate of them in court or arbitration proceedings
  • representation before general and arbitration courts at all stages of proceedings
  • representation before specialized institutions and bodies for out-of-court dispute resolution
  • legal support and representing clients in insolvency proceedings on both the creditor and debtor sides, including advising on the resolution of an impending bankruptcy situation
  • legal support in enforcement of judgments

In addition to legal services, we also offer a number of other services. More information can be found at spectre.tax

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